Green Living

Welcome! Think of this webpage as your map to Green Living in the Philadelphian. Learn what to recycle, what to trash, how to handle hazardous waste, and much more. We'll keep it simple. Just scroll down to the section that contains the information you need, click on the link, and you'll quickly learn what you need to know. We'll stick to the basics and share common sense things you can do. So Think Green and please help -- you can make a difference!
By the way, the Green Book is another super resource for your use. To read or download the Green Book, please click here.
Energy Star
In light of The Philadelphian's conservation efforts and quantifiable results, our building has been awarded the US Environmental Protection Agency’s coveted Energy Star Award each year since 2017.
Think Green
Perhaps you've read the Green Book, perhaps you've seen our emails, messages posted in the building, and flyers on BuildingLink. But you haven't heard us. Until now!
At a Glance
Want to make sure you are disposing of an item in the recommended manner? This is the place to check!
Want to learn more about recycling in general and our successful program in the Philadelphian? This is the place to get informed and stay informed as the recycling program changes from time to time.
Excuse us, but it's time for a little trash talk. Please take a moment to learn what's suitable to discard as trash and where it goes.
Hazardous Waste
We hope you read content labels and try to minimize use of hazardous household materials. But should there be household hazardous waste in your home, you need to know what NOT to put into the trash and what to deliver to hazardous waste pickup sites. 
Medical Waste
Caution! Some medicines that are flushed or poured down the drain can end up polluting our waters, impacting aquatic species, and contaminating our food and water supplies. Most medicines are not removed by wastewater treatment plants or septic systems.  Our simple advice is to never flush medications down the drain or toilet.  
Appliances & Electronics
Energy Star certified home appliances and electronic products can use up to 50% less power than non-Energy Star products, reducing the amount of fossil fuels used to provide electricity and ultimately resulting in a reduction of greenhouse gases. And that's a good thing!
Light Bulbs
The types of light bulbs you choose can dramatically save energy. So take a few minutes to learn about your options and how to properly dispose of each type.

There are so many simple actions we can all undertake to be citizen conservators -- especially with respect to heating, cooling and water use.
Recycling opportunities stretch far beyond the blue containers found in The Philadelphian. There are enumerable opportunities to re-purpose possessions we no longer use or want -- often helping others with needs.
Do you have an electric car? At the Philadelphian, residents are encouraged to take advantage of our EV charging stations!
Congratulations, Class! You have studied these Green Living pages. You read the Green book. You have nurtured your Green Living knowledge. And now you're ready to test your Green Living mastery.