Green Living - Medicine Disposal

Proper disposal of both prescription and over-the-counter medication is very important!
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Do Not
  • Put medications in our recycling bins
  • Flush unused medication down sinks or toilets
But Do
  • Crush solid medications or dissolve them in water (this applies for liquid medications as well), mix with kitty litter, used coffee grounds, dirt or a similar material, then place in a sealed bag to reduce the risk of poisoning children and/or pets before placing the bag in the trash
  • Remove or ink out personal information from the medication label
  • Purchase a mailing envelope from local drugstores to send medications to a legal disposer
  • Take to the 9th Police District HQ located at 401 N. 21st Street at Hamilton Street OR
  • Take to the Parkway Pharmacy on the service corridor of our own building
For More Information
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