Quality of life. Find it here. The Philadelphian has something for everyone. Please explore our lifestyle and the many reasons we are so delighted to call The Philadelphian our home.
Getting Around
This is an urban oasis offering ultimate convenience for getting around.
Walking. It's such a huge benefit of our lifestyle. Stroll downtown, run errands in the neighborhood, or stretch a leg along Boathouse Row. The Philadelphian is literally rated as a Walker's Paradise by the Walk Score rating service!
Bus. If you're commuting to Center City for work or an evening out, hop on our shuttle bus. This signature service of The Philadelphian operates Monday - Saturday from early morning until departing for its last loop at 10:00 PM. What's more, no fewer than five SEPTA bus lines stop within two blocks of The Philadelphian. 
Biking. Did you know that Philadelphia has more people commuting by bicycle, per capita, than any of the ten biggest cities in the United States? And there's no better spot to start than The Philadelphian. Unlock your bike from one of the assigned bike spaces offered within our community or head to the Indego bike station located at the foot of our drive, pop on and get rolling. Whether you're commuting or rolling down a circuit trail located just beyond our front door, you'll find The Philadelphian to be an incredibly bike-friendly home.
Driving. Whenever you need to drive, you'll enjoy the benefits of our valet or self-parking options, possibly even our EV charging stations. Rest assured, The Philadelphian is a super-convenient location to hop onto the local interstate system. Whatever your city or suburban destination may be, our location minimizes your time navigating crowded streets to simply start your journey!
Health and Fitness
Living here is incredibly conducive to an active lifestyle. To support that The Philadelphian offers a fitness center as well as two pools.  
So, whether you are lounging by the outdoor pool in the summer or swimming laps in the indoor pool in the winter, there is always an opportunity to take advantage of the benefits that pools provide.  
Seeking something more vigorous? The Fitness Center is managed by a professional fitness company offering trainers for the group or personal programs that fit your schedule and needs. Classes? Yoga, cardio, stretch, take your pick. There is a class for you.
One of the unique benefits of The Philadelphian is the conviviality that comes from moving into our community.  As a new resident, you will be greeted by our Welcome Committee, who will warmly invite you to our yearly Welcome Dinner for new residents. And you will immediately be introduced to the numerous committees and clubs that enliven our community.  
You'll find a regular bridge game in our inviting social room, lectures and book groups, a well-equipped studio to explore your art, active groups for folk dancing and tai chi, and a community-managed library where you just may find the novel you've always meant to read. 
Frankly, there's so much more! That's why the community calendar at The Philadelphian is essential reading. Whatever your style, you will find an activity, a community event and the fellowship that's meant just for you.
Life in The Philadelphian provides a multitude of conveniences.  The front desk is staffed 24 hours a day and there is a doorman as you approach our entrance to help you with packages or assist your guests.
Speaking of convenience, what’s more convenient than a full-service grocery store right downstairs? Family-owned Klein's Market has been serving The Philadelphian as well as the neighborhood for over 40 years. Need to plan an entire menu? Or just need that missing ingredient for your dinner party? Klein's is just an elevator ride away.  
For the nights you don't feel like cooking, Little Pete's Restaurant is open from 7am to 10pm daily. Get snug in a booth, relax at their bar or dine outside on their terrace.  And did you know they provide prompt delivery right to your door when you feel like a quick meal at home? 
And, finally, do you need a prescription filled or a greeting card?  There is a pharmacy in the building, as well as a hair salon, a full-service bank, an ATM and more.  In other words, The Philadelphian is the ultimate in convenience.
Our community is fully committed to do our part. We are committed to:
  • Strategic planning that safeguards and enhances the investments of those who own residences here today, as well as those who will live here in the future.
  • Acting as strong stewards of the environment through both our operational practices and our personal actions.
  • Assisting local charities and programs that make a difference in our community and beyond.
  • Being a vibrant and engaged community that treats everybody with dignity and respect.
  • Educating ourselves through ongoing programs within our building about the affairs of our City and the world-at-large that help shape our actions.  
  • Supporting one another, day-by-day, neighbor-to-neighbor, warm hand to warm hand.
Now we extend our hand to you. We would love to personally welcome you to The Philadelphian community.
Joan of Arc (1890) by Emmanuel Frémiet / Photo Alec Rogers / Courtesy Association for Public Art