The Philadelphian is a premier address offering an exceptional location and amenities, large condominium residences in each of its floor plans, and a caring, connected community.
If you wish to consider The Philadelphian for your next home, this page empowers you to explore sample residences, to investigate residences for sale or rent right now, and to learn about buying or renting in our community. 
As you explore the photos, floor plans, video and 3D tours, please understand that there are considerable differences among residences in The Philadelphian. We simply offer these samples to give you a taste of life in The Philadelphian. We hope you'll like what you see here and ultimately appreciate life in The Philadelphian as much as we do. Dare we say, welcome!
The Philadelphian Overview
The Philadelphian's footprint consists of three contiguous 20-story towers, each served by its own bank of elevators. The location of each residence determines its specific size and configuration, as well as its views of our Fairmount neighborhood to the north, Center City and the Parkway to our east, our magnificent Art Museum to the south, or the "Bulldog" pocket park and Art Museum Annex to the west. 
Residences for Sale & Rent
This website is authored by The Philadelphian Owners Association. We offer this website because we are proud of our community and pleased to share information. However, we do not sell or rent properties; instead, please work with the real estate professional of your choice.
But we are pleased to share a link to listings in our community via There you can instantly explore units presently offered for sale or rent in The Philadelphian by any of the 100,000 real estate professionals participating in Bright MLS, our region's multiple listing service. You may also feel free to browse all the recently sold units in The Philadelphian.
Tour a Sample Studio Residence
Ranging in size between approximately 575 and 700 square feet, nearly 200 studio residences in The Philadelphian are larger than many of the new one-bedroom units in Center City. Many even feature roomy balconies. It is no surprise that some of our studio residents have been here the longest. For many, studios are the perfect match of affordability and easy living while taking advantage of all the wonderful amenities our building provides.
Tour a Sample One Bedroom Residence
Located throughout The Philadelphian, almost 300 one bedroom residences offer a lot of space at 1,000 to 1,400 square feet. One bedroom configurations vary widely and many residences have enjoyed very creative renovations. As an added benefit, many one bedroom residences feature sizable balconies that augment their generous living rooms with fantastic outdoor space.
Tour a Sample Two Bedroom Residence
The Philadelphian boasts approximately 175 two bedroom residences, all with balconies and wonderful views.  The two bedroom units range in size from 1,400 to over 2,000 square feet and come in two configurations.  The configuration shown in the sample here has the living room in the front of the building and the bedrooms in the rear. This configuration takes advantage of the entire width of the building to enhance the feeling of spaciousness and light. The other configuration has the bedrooms side-by-side with all the rooms facing the same direction.
Tour a Sample Three Bedroom Residence
Located at the end of hallways, approximately 90 three-bedroom residences range from 2,000 to over 2,100 square feet. Large windows create sun-filled living rooms with spectacular views in two directions. Some residents have created TV rooms and offices using one of three bedrooms.  Many of their balconies feature veritable gardens  and delightful open-air sitting areas for morning coffee, evening relaxation, dining -- and their ever-changing vistas. Other than four penthouses, these are the largest residences in The Philadelphian.
The Views!
Should you move to The Philadelphian, you're quite likely to enjoy a truly memorable view. Some residences enjoy radiant sunrises and nighttime views of the city skyline, others overlook the iconic Museum of Art and Parkway. Some look high over Boathouse Row, the sweep of the Schuylkill River, and spectacular sunsets. Some evoke childhood memories of tree houses, with views richly encircled by lush summer greenery. And some revel in a restful view of our very special green roof and the charming Fairmount neighborhood we call home. So many perspectives, so many fabulous views. Allow us to share a few with you here.
If you are a Prospective Buyer
As a prospective buyer, you will certainly have questions about our condominium community during your home search, and hopefully the real estate professional representing you can capably share general and unit-specific information about The Philadelphian. But please also note that you can generally obtain detailed unit-specific information via Homes.
But by way of overview, as an owner, you will pay a monthly assessment to equitably cover costs associated with operating our community, as well as contributing to the reserve fund which supports capital improvements and expenditures. Frankly, our community is proud of its strong past financial track record and aspires to continue that tradition.
Monthly assessments in The Philadelphian cover each owner’s heating/cooling, electricity, cooking gas, water, trash, use of the community's shuttle bus, use of the pools and fitness center, basic in-unit maintenance and repairs, plus common area maintenance and landscaping. Each residence also enjoys cable TV (non-premium, HD) and internet access as an additional benefit covered by the monthly assessment.
Due to The Philadelphian's conservation efforts and quantifiable results, our community has been awarded the US Environmental Protection Agency’s coveted Energy Star Award each year since 2017, signifying our ongoing commitment to both green living and carefully containing every owner's energy costs.
Of course, you will have additional questions. So it is important to know that upon a seller’s formal acceptance of your offer to purchase a residence here, the seller should provide a package of information via the Philadelphia Owners Association for your review. Depending on circumstances, the package may be delivered to you directly or transmitted to you by your agent. The package will include a wealth of documents and information, such as our condominium declaration, bylaws, rules and regulations, the most recent budget, and a full delineation of pertinent one-time and recurring fees. In accordance with Pennsylvania’s Uniform Condominium Act, you are afforded five days from receipt of the information to void the agreement, if you so choose.  
Upon the close of your purchase here, the community’s management team will work with you to facilitate your move-in and orientation. We look forward to that day!
If you are a Prospective Tenant
Short term rentals are not permitted in our community; all leases must be for a minimum term of one-year. Leases are to be arranged with the residence’s owner or their property manager, and the lease must include an addendum specifically required by The Philadelphian.  Upon signing, your landlord must also file the completed lease and the required addendum with our management office.
As a tenant, you are required to abide by the same rules and regulations applicable to owners in the community. But you will also enjoy the extensive benefits and amenities associated with having a residence here and be warmly welcomed as a member of our community.
If you are a Real Estate Professional
To tour a residence with your clients, please coordinate with the seller’s agent to insure that your showing will be permitted. If a unit’s seller is not present to escort you at the time of a showing, please proceed to the front desk in our lobby to sign in and access keys. The front desk is not authorized to provide access to a unit without express written permission from the owner. There will be no exceptions.
If you are submitting a new listing in The Philadelphian to Bright MLS, please flag the appropriate fields that identify our community's EPA Energy Star Award winning status. To learn more about Energy Star award for buildings, we invite you to watch the short video below.
If you are assisting a buyer or underwriting a loan to a potential borrower and wish to request condo documents, please click here to email your request.
If you represent an owner wishing to rent their residence and wish to receive a copy of our required lease addendum, please click here to email your request.
If you wish to advertise in our community’s publications, please click here to email and learn more.

Additional questions? Please email us!