Green Living - Trash

Here's everything you need to know if you want to be an excellent trash talker! Learn about disposal of routine trash, as well as bulky and special items you may need to dispose of from time to time.
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Each floor has a trash room near the freight elevator to accommodate both routine trash and recycling. Please:
  • Bag all household trash and dispose of down the trash chute. 
  • Do not use your garbage disposal to dispose of bones or grease, as this can cause blocked drains. Instead, please dispose of these items with your trash. 
  • Insure that your trash bag fits into the shute adequately and has made its way downward. 
Routine Trash
The following items are to be disposed of as routine trash:
  • Aluminum foil/plates
  • Foil-lined cardboard containers (such as nut and juice containers)
  • Cookware
  • Wire clothes hangers (ask your dry cleaners if they accept old hangers!)
  • Glassware
  • Broken glass
  • Ceramics
  • Mirrors
  • Incandescent light bulbs
  • Plastic with no number
  • Caps/lids (water, soda, milk, etc.)
  • Packing peanuts/bubble wrap (packaging/shipping stores may accept these)
  • Styrofoam
Is this a trick question? Yes it is! Please recycle paper so long as it is clean, free of wax coating, and free of foil or metallic coating. However, all paper towels and tissues are to be disposed of as trash. Please also note that shredded paper cannot be recycled; please dispose of it as trash.
Please deposit any trash that is too large to be put down the chute in the trash dumpsters at the loading dock. If an item is too large or too heavy to put in the dumpsters, give the Dock Master your unit number upon drop-off, so that the management office can bill you appropriately for removal of your item(s).
If you wish to dispose of bulk items, such as rugs, chairs, sofas, appliances, and mattresses, it is important to notify the Maintenance Coordinator in advance, so the trash hauler can send a separate truck with the necessary capacity. Also, please note that you must wrap mattresses in plastic and seal them before placing them in the loading dock area.
Failure to follow these procedures may result in fines, in addition to the normal cost charged for their removal. Please contact the Maintenance Coordinator if you wish to discuss the procedures and charges for removal of particular items.