Green Living - Disposal at a Glance

The chart below provides a quick view of different materials and whether you should handle them as recyclables, trash or or hazardous waste. 
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Material Recycle Trash
Universal & Hazardous Waste (see Note 1 below)        
All batteries (including hearing aid, phone, rechargeable, lithium, alkaline)       X
Non-working electronics such as old TVs, computers, microwaves       X
CFL/long tube fluorescent bulbs       X
Pesticides, solvents & other hazardous waste (take to City collection drop off sites)     X  
Cans X      
Empty aerosol cans (spray product into trash then recycle) X      
Aluminum foil/plates   X    
Foil-lined cardboard containers (e.g., nuts/juice   X    
Cookware   X    
Wire clothes hangers (some dry cleaners accept these)   X    
Caps/lids including less than 2” X      
Glassware broken glass   X    
Mirrors   X    
Incandescent light bulbs   X    
CFL/fluorescent bulbs (take to management office)       X
Ceramics   X    
Food & beverage bottles and jars (rinsed with lids removed)
Cardboard boxes of any kind  (waxed liners go in the trash) X      
Newspapers & magazines
Office paper - white and colored X      
Wax-coated beverage cartons X      
Junk mail
Envelopes (Manila and regular) X      
Telephone books X      
Computer paper X      
Post-it Notes
Card stock paper X      
Paperback books X      
Hardback books without the covers X      
Parts of pizza boxes with no greasy stains (stained boxes go in the trash) X      
Paper towels & tissues   X    
Cardboard roll from towels or toilet paper X      
All light cardboard boxes X      
Plastic-lined mailing envelopes X      
Shredded paper taken to Management Office X      
Shredded paper in bags placed in trash rooms   X    
Greeting cards/wrapping paper without foil (with foil go in trash) X      
Bottles, jars, jugs, yogurt/dairy cups marked nos. 1, 2 & 5 X      
Plastic with no number   X    
Caps/lids (water, soda, milk, etc.)   X    
Packing peanuts/bubble wrap (packaging/shipping stores may accept these)   X    
Styrofoam   X    
Note 1: Call our Management Office about Universal Waste disposal. We are currently collecting these items on Wednesdays from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm in the Environmental Services Manager’s office in the lobby, subject to date and location change.