Parking / Loading Dock

On-Site Parking

Many residents avail themselves of on-site parking, which comes in three forms: self-parking in the garage under the building, valet parking also in the garage; and 25 spaces for self-parked cars in the driveway. Some residents choose to avoid the on-site fees by parking on the streets around the building. A parking permit for Zone 6 from the Philadelphia Parking Authority exempts a vehicle from all posted time restrictions.

Loading Dock  

A major convenience for residents, the loading dock gives us a place to park while we load and unload packages or other items. Shopping carts and luggage carts are available to transport items to and from our units. The loading dock is also the access point for contractors and for all deliveries to the building during hours when the dock is staffed.  From 6:30 am to 11:00 pm, seven days a week, the loading dock attendants help residents and service people move through the space as efficiently as possible.