The Fairmount neighborhood takes its name from the hill on which the Philadelphia Museum of Art sits. Families who have lived in its rowhouses for decades mix with newcomers attracted by the area's charms and lively atmosphere. Many of our building's residents take part in the Fairmount Community Civic Association.
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Jack's Firehouse
You can dine at Little Pete’s within The Philadelphian or venture out to one of the many restaurants in the neighborhood. The range of choices accommodates most palates and needs. Additionally, both the Barnes Foundation and the Philadelphia Museum of Art have their own restaurants.
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Food Markets
Grocery shopping is very convenient for residents of The Philadelphian. In-house is Klein’s Market, a well stocked, family-owned business. Just two blocks away is a 62,000-square-foot Whole Foods. In addition to groceries, the latter features hot and cold prepared food, an in-store pub, and lunch venues run by locally based restaurateurs. During the warm months, a farmers’ market across the street from the Eastern State Penitentiary showcases locally grown produce, baked goods and other local food products. And Trader Joe’s is a short bus ride away.
Almost all you need for daily living is close at hand. Within six blocks, you'll find a small Target, where on-line purchases can be picked up and returned; a hardware store; post office; liquor store; and pharmacies. Within our building, a hair salon and our own pharmacy make life easy rain or shine.
The Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Barnes Foundation both feature musical entertainment on Friday evenings. During the Halloween season, enjoy the massive haunted house within the walls of the former Eastern State Penitentiary. If you prefer a literary event, check out the list of authors who speak at the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Parkway Central branch.